Best Ways to Make Brown Rice Tastier

Brown Rice is very nutritious for health, but if it tastes good by adding some flavor or modifying it in good form, then it will provide you much variety. In 5 -10 minutes you can get the delicious, healthy meal by adding the few basic ingredients. They are good at room temperature so you can get it packed for lunch too.

Best Ways to Make Brown Rice Tastier

I will provide you some ways that will guide you how to make it yummy but before that I would like to discuss how to prepare the Brown Rice.

Formula of Basic Brown Rice

Take one cup of short brown rice and soak in 3 cups of water overnight. The soaking of brown rice intensifies nutrient absorption, and it turns soft that can easily absorb the flavors well.

Drain the rice. A pot filled with fresh water, add drain rice to it. Swish rise with the help of your fingers and pour off the water. You can repeat the process. Now boil over high heat. After that cover the pot and reduce the flame to sim. Keep it in that position until the liquid gets evaporated. Then you can remove it from the heat and can cover it for 10 minutes. Now it is ready to serve.

The question is how to make brown rice taste good? I would like to draw attention towards brown rice recipes that taste good. Here are some delicious recipes for you, enjoy!

A. Brown Rice and Lemon- Marinated Kale –If the rice is served a little warm then these simple toppings is superb.

How to prepare it? 

Mix thinly sliced kale one cup of fresh lemon juice – two cups and cold- pressed flax oil –two teaspoons. Add salt according to taste. Then rub the kale and take brown rice in a bowl and sprinkle tamari. The quantity of brown rice should be half cup tamari should be half teaspoon. Now add one teaspoon of flax oil and toasted sesame seeds. Now top with marinated Kale and sliced avocado.

B. Harissa Brown Rice – If you want something spicy then it is good for you. Harissa is a Chile paste. Warm rice- ½ cup, harissa paste -1 tablespoon and then mix it Slice the carrot into thin pieces and then steam it to make it tender. Now add to brown rice along with parsley and then stir it.

C. Herbed Chickpea- Brown rice with chickpeas, herbs, and rice vinegar is a tasty meal to be served in any season. Brown Rice and cooked chickpeas – half cup, tamari and brown –rice vinegar – one teaspoon, sliced and chopped parsley and fresh drill- one tablespoon. Mix all the ingredients and then enjoy the dish.


I hope you like all the above mentioned brown rice recipes. If you were thinking about how to make brown rice taste better, then you can opt any of the above ideas to make your dish mouthwatering. The idea of Lemon- Marinated Kale, Harissa Brown Rice and Herbed Chickpea will add flavor to the brown rice. If you like eating the variety of foodstuffs, then you should try any of the flavors of your choice.

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