How many Calories Does a Pushup Burn Every Day?

How many calories does a pushup burn every day…And here it comes… a topic regarding exercise… a topic regarding calories… a topic regarding burning fat… a topic for which everyone wants to know about, but follows very few… So, let’s talk about one exercise everyone wants to do on a regular basis.

One of the best and easiest exercises is ‘Push-ups.’ Many people have a question in their mind that how many calories does a push up burn!

I think that push-up calories are a complex question. It depends on your age, weight, arm size, body mass, etc. If you are heavier than you will burn more calories. Push-up does burn fat. Faster push-ups are recommendable as it can burn more than 100 calories a day, but it’s up to the person’s ability. Don’t stretch yourself too much. Start slowly.

1 or 2 calories can be burned by the push-ups, but that too depends on your speed. If you are doing 100 push-ups a day is quite impressive. You can do 60 pushups in 1 minute. Try to do that in slots. So that you will be able to burn 100 calories a day in less than 5 to 10 minutes. Because as per my opinion, the general time 1 push-up can take is just 1 second or 2.

Yes, if you have just started doing push-ups than it can take more time. But trust me, nothing is wrong in that. Just keep pushing yourself and be consistent. It will surely give you positive outcomes. And if you want to take breaks then you can take a break on every 20 push-ups. It will not have any adverse effect on your burning calories. Any person, whether student, employee or businessman, males or females, can spare 15 minutes a day for that dream of a flat belly and strong body.

There is a common issue related to exercise with all the generations. There are plenty of myths too. Children of today’s generation exercise less and eat more. Youngsters eat less and exercise more. Some adults do nothing, and some elders do everything without knowing the limits. Ultimately nothing can work out properly. Exercise needs balance and regularity. Everyone should understand this.


Push-ups help to increase mental strength as well as physical strength, burn fat, and best for core strength. Push-up can work on every part of your body, from your head to toe. Push-ups can help you strengthen your chest, triceps, and abs. Push-up is not a cardio exercise. It is for strength as I have mentioned. Push-ups can assist you in increasing your metabolism also.

Calories can be burned by pushups faster. And the best part of push-up is you neither need to go to any special places like gym or yoga classes, nor you need any equipment for it. You just need a flat surface and proper sports shoes.  So… stop being lazy and “JUST DO IT.”

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