How to Change Time on Fitbit

How to change time on Fitbit (1)Fitbit makes technology-based fitness products. It will provide you information regarding daily activity level that will help you in diagnosing whether you are living inactive or active life. The founders of Fitbit are Eric and James. What is the use of the Fitbit?

It helps you to make more active as it is the physical activity tracker. It boosts you to be lively and active. If you eat a proper diet and sleep better than your body will turn healthier.

When you buy Fitbit, you have to look at the following steps to get it into working conditions.  

  • Charge your Fitbit by plugging the cord into the computer.
  • Fit your band on your non-dominant hand. Small and large Fitbit come so you can get anyone whichever suits you.
  • Be sure that after wearing your arm doesn’t bump it off.
  • In case you face any difficulty then you can approach Fitbit help site.

Now the question comes in mind that how to set time on Fitbit?

It has the time feature and cannot be updated from the device. There are two ways to set time on Fitbit-

  • You can use a smartphone with Fitbit app and then through Bluetooth you can  harmonize it, and it will simply pick up the time from your phone.
  • Or you can use the dongle. The Wireless sync dongle with charging cable for Fitbit Flex activity.
  • Or in the top right corner, you can click the gear by logging into your dashboard.
  • Then click the settings. In it, you can modify your timezone by scrolling to the bottom of the personal info page.
  • Then click the Fitbit Fitbit icon and then click Sync.


It measures data such as the number of steps walked, quality sleep taken, how many steps climbed, what will be the heart rate and personal metrics included in fitness. Basically, it is the activity tracker. Even with or without the Fitbit tracker you can use mobile app and website offered by Fitbit. The users can log their food, activities, can observe how many calories burned and how much consumed? How long you walked?

Even it has been seen that people who are overweight result in less weight loss after two years by using this wearable technology and standard behavioral weight loss intervention. So the usage of similar devices outcomes in less weight loss instead of more.

It transforms lives of the human beings. If you want fun and smile, then you can reach your goals by using Fitbit. Health and fitness will be provided by it. To have the healthy and sound body is the important and serious matter, so you will be benefitted by using it. The points as mentioned above will help you in changing the time on Fitbit. It will change the way you move.  

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