Best Chocolate Tempering Machines: Daily Need of Chocolatiers

All the chocolate lovers are always looking for some technique which can mold, melt and temper their chocolate easily and quickly. In the market, lots of chocolate tempering machine are available in the market. Here I will make you familiar with the high-quality tempering machine which will provide you satisfactory results.

Chocolate Tempering

Best Chocolate Tempering Machines

1) ChocoVision Mini Rev

ChocoVision Mini RevChocoVision presents chocolate tempering machine of 1.5 lb.  capacity. This device will add fun with the family and friends. The features are simple that any home user can make use of this appliance without any difficulty. It is one of the best chocolate tempering machines.

  • This chocolate tempering machine is fully automatic.
  • You can’t use in 220/240 volts in this Mini Rev machine.
  • Forced hot air is used to run this piece of equipment.
  • It can be controlled merely and perform the task effortlessly.

If you are looking for home chocolate tempering machine, then this device is apt for you. It will make the work of all chocolate lovers smooth and comfortable. In just 25 minutes you can enjoy tempered white, milk or dark chocolate. 

2) ChocoVision Rev 2B

ChocoVision Rev 2BThis chocolate tempering machine is presented by ChocoVision which is Rev 2B. All the professional chocolatier will be benefitted from this appliance. It is apt for the demanding environment.

  • It enjoys adjusting the standard temperature.
  • You can have the display of the temperature due to the feature of LED.
  • It holds the direct reserve approach.
  • The microprocessor is fully automatic that holds the forced hot air.
  • The bowl and baffle can be taken off.

Per day you can enjoy the daily output of 10 lbs. from this tabletop tempering machine. Up to 1.5lbs of chocolate can be tempered, melted and set by this efficient device at 2/10 degree Fahrenheit.

3) ChocoVision Revolation V

ChocoVision Revolation V ChocolateIf you prefer machine the that requires little maintenance, then this appliance will make meet your demands as per day it can produce about 50 lbs of tempered chocolate.

  • It is NSF approved with the display of the temperature due to LED.
  • Forced hot air is used by the microprocessor which is fully automatic.
  • It holds the capacity of 5lb. And offers top quality of chocolate with appealing appearance.
  • In temper mode, it has 100 degrees, and at the time of melt cycle, it holds the temperature of 120 degrees due to manual temperature adjustment.

With holey baffle, this piece of equipment enjoys the capacity of 9lbs. It is made up of stainless steel and compact in nature. The state-of-the-art design is same as ChocoVision unit-tempering appliance.

4) ChocoVision Revolation Delta

ChocoVision Revolation DeltaThe ChocoVision delivers Revolation Delta which is stylish innovation for tempering chocolate. With advanced software systems and display, you can experience the skills of Revolation series.

  • You will find 17 lb. capacity in this fully automatic chocolate tempering device.
  • For 18 hours or more this appliance stays in-temper due to extended temper mode.
  • It holds the design of the stainless steel and certified by NSF and UL.

This appliance is perfect for laboratory environment and home as within one hour it can melts and tempers lowest 3 pounds and last 17 pounds. All demanding pastry chefs and confectioners will make their work easy, simple and quick from this appliance.

5) ACMC Chocolate Tempering Machine

ACMC Tabletop ChocolateYou will find the digital temperature readout of the capacity of 6 lb. in this ACMC Table top chocolate tempering machine. You can enjoy the warranty of 6 months from the manufacturer.

  • It holds stainless steel bowl of 5-quart.
  • ABS housing model is found in this device.
  • For other coatings, you will get additional bowls as you can lift out the containers.

In probe retainer, you will find injected molded polyethylene scraper. On 110V AC dimensions, you can operate this equipment. You can have easy dispensing along with plastic scraper and cooling fan. During operation, the dimensions will be 12’’ high and the diameter will be 17”.

6) Yoli® Chocolate Tempering Machine

Yoli® Commercial 8Kg ChocolateYoli® deals with the commercial chocolate machine of 8kg. It performs many functions. This single device you can use for molding chocolates along with melting machine.

In numerous forms and designs, it can mold the pure chocolate into a pastry kitchen and chocolatiers.

  • You can maintain and use it directly and conveniently.
  • It is strong and durable to use as it is made up of stainless steel of 304# food grade.
  • Pouring and auto temperature control function is used for its construction.
  • You can control the temperature with the help of hot air heating method, digital temperature displays and temperature sensor of high accuracy.
  • The height, weight, and length of this device are 480mm x 510mm x 435 mm respectively.

This appliance is compact table-top which will serve all the chocolatiers. It effectively preserves temperature. The electric control sensitivity is ensured by the sensor. You can use it for heat preservation and external heating.

7) ChocoVision C116RX3210NSF Revolation X3210 Chocolate Tempering Machine

ChocoVision C116RX3210NSF RevolationIn an hour this Revolation X3210 can melt minimum 3 pounds and maximum seventeen pounds of chocolate. For chocolate production facilities it is the perfect solution.

  • It holds the capacity of 17 lb. and is NSF certified.
  • The design is constructed of stainless steel.
  • The second bowl pause is of 90.
  • It is entirely automatic chocolate tempering machine that will make your work easy and simple.

Within 2/10 degree Fahrenheit, it can temper and maintain chocolate with the help of commended microprocessor control card. Enjoy this space-efficient device.

The products as mentioned above will make you familiar regarding the chocolate tempering machine reviews so that you can enjoy your chocolate as per your choice by making use of these appliances. All this equipment will make your work easy, quick and simple. Select the best product for your preference and make your chocolate tempering task smoother.   

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