Train your Pomsky in a simple way

Train your Pomsky in a simple wayThe most endearing pet in the world is the dog. To get the new puppy creates the feeling of excitement. A first-time dog owner has to consider a lot of things before getting a new puppy into the home. The owner has to train the dog so that he can live happily with the pet. Training a dog is very important. It guides your dog to obey the commands and even pet learn and catch things quickly and easily. To live with the well behaved dog gives the feeling of joy and pleasure.

The Pomsky is a mix of a Pomeranian and a husky dog, this mix in breeds results in cutest breeds. It is important to show the pomsky that you are in control which will help the pomsky in better behaving. The owner should devote sufficient time with pomsky and equally take care of the training part so that in long run no problems occur. The few tips for training the pomsky are as follows:

1. Socialization

You should introduce pomsky to a huge number of people, noises, situations, dogs before he or she completes eighteen weeks. When the dog is brought at home, the socialization process should be continued for years. During socialization process, the dog forms the opinions regarding the world. The great times with kids, dogs, noises, and folks will help pomsky to understand the actions and behavior.

2. Potty training

It is important to teach potty training and crate training. The amount of time in the crate, duration of time in between potty breaks, when pup eats and drinks should be noted.

3. Guarding Prevention

The owner should spend time with the pet by interacting with him, walking with him. Whenever the pomsky is eating or chewing a bone, lying in his crate, you should treat him or her nicely. Every day near about 10 minutes should be devoted particularly when he has the fresh bone to eat. It is a high-value item for the pomsky.

4. Correcting Behavioral Problems

The pet has common behavior activities like chewing, barking, jumping etc. The owners have to deal with it patiently and with love and care. The pomsky should be trained or taught that to jump on other people and to bark at every little sound is not acceptable. The negative action of the dog should be stopped by saying NO to him and then redirect his behavior to the positive action.

5. Keeping your Pomeranian happy

The owner should make sure that the pet should be treated as the part of the family and every member of the family interacts with him or her daily. Walks and play time should be considered as important as the fresh water and regular feeding schedule. If the owner can’t spend so much time then he should arrange pet sitter so that his pet can live comfortably.


To prove a good owner is a challenge for animal lovers. It is a commitment to provide comfortable and satisfactory life to a living being. The pet becomes the member of the family and then every need is taken care of him or her with love, care, and patience. It is important that pet achieves healthy and joyful life. The owner should develop the healthy relation with the pet by keeping him or her in the discipline. The nice tuning between the pet and the owner or the family members of the owner will make them all move forward with peace and contentment.

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