Is White Noise Machine Good for Your Baby?

White Noise machines are loved by babies and parents. White noise machines help babies to sleep better. They mask sudden sounds like doorbell ringing, dog barking, screaming voices of people, etc. Thus, white noise machines make it easier for babies and for everyone to have a restful sleep or to concentrate in work.

It a tough question to answer whether the white noise machine is good or bad for your baby. Because it really depends on which is the way you are using it. The duration of its usage and the sound level you maintain makes negative or positive effects vice versa.

As a baby had spent entire life in a womb, which is deafeningly loud. So, your infants are having a habit of a loud environment. A continuous sound of a white noise machine makes them feel like they are in a womb.

Is White Noise Machine Good for Your Baby-

See below for the reasons why you should take help of a white noise sound machine for a better sleep of your baby:

  • Babies are overwhelmed with lights, strange faces, and sudden excitements. They feel stressed about any sudden thing that happens around them. A white noise machine blocks such stimulation and creates a safe place for them to rest.
  • White noise machine helps your baby to asleep easily and for a longer time. Babies have “sleep arousals” after a time period of 20-minutes of their sleep. It’s because they are unable to fall back to a deeper sleep and thus their sleep is interrupted. White noise helps your babies to gently navigate these sleep arousals and get restorative and longer naps.
  • A best white noise machine comes with a white noise called as “Shushing”. It is a type of noise you make yourself help calm your crying baby. The shushing sound should be louder than of a crying baby. Also, it needs to be continuous for a while. A white noise machine helps your babies to cry less by creating the shushing sound loudly and continuously.
  • As your baby grows, you can gradually start to decrease the white noise machine’s volume level. If your baby continues to sleep well, then things are going fine. If they started to wake up frequently, you can start using white noise back again. White noise machine is easy to wean off of.

By reading till this, you may have figured out that, the white noise machines are far more good than anyone can expect. So, do not hesitate for using them for a better sleep of your baby.


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