Health benefits of coloring books: New Generation Craze

Coloring is fun and we all have a brush with it as children. A coloring book is perhaps its one of the most interesting gifts for a child as soon as he or she can hold a pencil. The instinct to create makes a child to try fill in colors even when he or she doesn’t have control enough to draw straight line. The story doesn’t end here. What was once considered a child’s play or a forte of artists is now a raging craze sweeping western hemisphere.

Health benefits of coloring books- New Generation Craze

Coloring books for adults (once a niche hobby) are fast becoming an international trend. Adult coloring books are appearing on more and more bestsellers’ lists across the world. Leaving the fun part aside, it’s the books’ therapeutic properties for adults that really have them flying off shelves. The coloring books practice is generating quietness, wellness, and stimulates brain areas related to creativity, motor skills the positivity. In fact, publishers are flocking to launch adult specific coloring books. The research shows pronounced health and wellness related to adult coloring books. Here are a few.

Coloring book therapies have shown to apply with pronounced effects on physical and emotional distress during treatment of cancer in women. Distress symptoms were significantly reduced when such women were exposed to coloring books therapy. Art therapy also proved successful with patients suffering from dementia, PTSD, depression and anxiety.

• Coloring books are helping people to achieve focus through meaningful therapy. As the inability to focus is often considered a symptom of anxiety or stress, it makes acute sense that adult coloring books surely help with those as well.

• The worst thing we can do with our sleeping patterns is to check our mails etc just before capping our day. Screen emissions can adversely affect your sleep patterns. A truly great and serene substitute is coloring. Clinical studies have shown coloring to be a helpful in relieving insomnia and sleep related disorders. There are few daily activities that has the potential to improve your productivity, mood, and ability to cope with stress as getting enough high-quality sleep.

• Coloring is a hand, eye and mind coordination activity. Coloring requires both the hemispheres of your brain to work in tandem and communicate (thus exercising your brain). The additional benefit comes in form of fine motor skills and vision when you mix and match colors exercising logic and reasoning. For these reasons, coloring books are believed to prevent and delay onset of dementia especially in older individuals.

• There is conclusive scientific evidence to suggest long working hours with electronic gadgets like computers can have harmful effects on our eyes and vision. Coloring books are an aesthetic and tastefully creative alternative. A great way to escape from our electronic gadgets every day.

The Last word

There is no denying the fact that coloring books have proven health related benefits. They are also a great way to socializing and spending time with your kids in a family activity. Your kids would love you joining them in weekend coloring activity.

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