Grass Fed Animals, in the Palm of Your Hand

Woah woah woah Parker, a protein bar made of meat? Grass fed, with added flavor, a long shelf life, totally Paleo? Yeah, it’s true. You no longer have to scour the gas station convenience store shelves for a bar that will end up giving you explosive gas on your road trip.

These bars are really good and they are the perfect supplement to anyone that is health conscious. Also these are a good option for anyone that just wants to be generally shredded.
They are small yet satisfying, high in protein and fat, and extremely low in carbs.  My favorite bar actually ended up being a surprise for me, the Lamb bar. Haha, I just love the sound of it, Lamb bar. They weren’t dry like jerky, but not so “moist” (cringe word) that you felt like you were eating Bear Grylls style on the run and raw. Loved the flavor, mostly smokey with a tinge of sweet to add to the savory.

Go on, get your own, get EPIC.

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