Wedding From a Man’s Eye View Post #1

Wedding From a Man’s Eye View Post #1A lot of todo is made about the bride on the wedding day. For good reason. Nobody really gives a crap about the groom. He is boring, in a boring suit, and he just stands around up front while everyone waits for the pretty lady to walk down the aisle in all her glory.

But I wanted to give you a taste of something different, a wedding day from a man’s perspective.

I was nervous, very. Not so much about the wedding itself but paying for it. I knew I loved this woman more than anything, and I’ve never been one to shy away from commitment. Even with generous gifts from our families, there seemed to be a lot left to pay for to make the pretty lady willingly walk down the aisle. Gone are the days of the dowry, where the man literally was paid a sum to marry a woman. What a wonderful day and age, walking around with canes, wearing suits and top hats, sounding intelligent talking about anything, shouting greetings across the street…dowries.

Jessi and I got married in Montauk, NY. A beautiful place that means a lot to both of us. The thing about “The End” as they call the town, is you literally have to take everything there, including all the people. The wedding day for me was mostly focused on keeping Jessi away from any stress or possible inter-family carnage that could take place. On that end, I think I did a pretty good job.


My groomsmen worked admirably and chilled me out at every opportunity. Luckily I had 8 of them…many hands make light work. But all in all things really did start to fall into place. The weather was perfect, and you could feel the tension in the air. But the good kind of tension. The kind you feel before a memory everyone will remember, before a huge party all your friends are at.

Keep coming back each week as the party unfolds. Don’t worry, they’ll be more pictures of the bride.

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