Why the 80′s Ruined Exercise

Why the 80′s Ruined Exercise

What,  you say? The era of Reagan? Defeating the Commies, knocking down the Berlin wall, people had jobs? The 80′s ruined exercise you say? Well, yes…lets take a walk through yards of spandex fabric and steroids that will make you realize, the 80′s may have ruined workouts for you.

Reason Number 1


As you can see, our friend Drago from the the nation formerly know as the “Soviet Union” is using a mating for his punching arm. Let me ask you a question, very scientific. Who won the fight??? That’s right, log splitting, pull up doing, snow running, commie punching Rocky.

But in all seriousness…Machines lock you into a particular range of motion, and don’t let you do anything else. This lessens the positive impact of exercise on your body, the “adaptation” that occurs when your Muscles, bones, and nervous system are put under stress. So get of the machine you dirty commie, and take a lesson from Rocky. Lift heavy…and lift FREE of machines. Freedom being the key word.


Your mom probably did this after she had you to lose the baby weight. I have 5 80′s dollars down that it didn’t work. That’s like a million 2000′s dollars. Lots of cardio, gets you really good at cardio, but doesn’t change your body by itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a healthy heart, but you have to bear some weight to really shape your body. Let’s remember, the fitness craze of the 80′s only really started taking place because people were getting so fat on the food “pyramid scheme”. Just eat your Wheaties, drink your orange juice, and have your sandwich. Jazzercise will fix you! The influx of wheat was making everyone gain weight, the physical activity…well…look around you. It never works on its own. Especially cardio.

3rd, Mainstream Steroids

Below is a progression of GI Joe from his original state, to his current state…

Joe has been juicing. This mainstream introduction of “performance enhancing” substances into the mainstream, created a dilemma for the regular guy. He’s not really allowed in a gym until he is filthy ripped and strong like Joe here. But Joe is cheating bro!!! As well as every athlete and movie character and you name it. The 80s really brought roids to the forefront. The gym got different. It was less about being able to move, and more about how you looked. I prefer to have both, without being gelded by the intense use of hormonal substances…thanks…

But one more thing that the 80′s didn’t ruin…..wrestling

Go America.


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