How to Lose a Gut in 10 Days

We live in a world where baby bellies aren’t cute if you’re not a baby anymore, or if you don’t have one growing inside of you. Let me tell you how to lose 10lbs, get into those jeans, that dress, or just feel awesome with your shirt off.

1. Start your day with a workout,

Without food in your gut…
If you don’t eat in the morning (first thing) then your body is still in fat burning mode from your sleep cycle. Get a quick 30 minute work out, and then get your breakfast.

2. Fast for 3 days to start
You can check out my fasting post here
1. This will cleanse your body and give your system a break.
2. This will break your addiction to sugar in all its forms and help you get on track for the next 7 days

3. Double your water intake because I know your not drinking enough
Water help metabolize fat, keep your system in good working order, and improves athletic performance. Trust me, drink 3/4 a gallon to a gallon a day

4. Cut out all carbs

You’ll be surprised at how much just swelling goes down when you do this. Refined carbs cause a lot of problems, one is inflammation. Also it will tell your body to burn fat as opposed to store it.

5. Squat, heavy
This will get your metabolism and fat burning hormones churning like nothing else. Squat, and put some weight on your back. Girls, don’t be scared. Really, the Glute complex is the biggest group of muscles in your body, and will burn the most fat. Make it round, don’t let gravity tell you what to do.

Give this a shot. You can lose 7-10 pounds in a little over a week.

Try it, and tell me what you think!

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