My Top Sources of Protien

My Top Sources of Protien

Protien makes you strong like a bull and lean like a leopard. Depending on who you are, you probably get your protein from various sources. I want to give you my top 5 sources, and you can give them a try in their various forms. I will make a short comment on each source, so I can help you decide if its for you!

1. Cold Water Fish

Salmon, Trout, Halibut

Protein in 100g       3oz Fillet (85g)      Protein to Calorie Ratio

26g                       22g                   1g protein per 4.5 calories

There are crazy amounts of nutrients in Fish, and a high amount of protein. Good cold water fish doesn’t taste…fishy. It also has tons of good fat, which boost good hormones, decreases workout recovery time, and has a wide range of other health benefits.


Protein in 100g       3oz Slice (85g)       Protein to Calorie Ratio

36g                         31g               1g protein per 5.3 calories

Beef, its JUST SO GOOD ALL THE TIME! Eat it.

3. Eggs

Protein in 100g            1 Large Egg (50g)           Protein to Calorie Ratio

13g                                     6g                      1g protein per 12 calories

Who else could eat breakfast for every meal of the day? I could! Eggs are versatile food, can be cooked in all kinds of textures, mixed with all kinds of veggies and meats and cheeses. Yum. Just love em, all day, every day.

4.Pork Loin

Protein in 100g        1 Chop (134g,~5oz)         Protein to Calorie Ratio

25g                                33g                     1g protein per 5.2 calories

Pork Chops are great if they are done right, but don’t cook the pig too long, it gets dry. I like the taste of bacon better, and bacon is a valuable source of nutrients. But Pork chops have a higher protein ratio.

5. Whey Protein Powder

100% protein

I love this stuff. Works in shakes, in pancakes, in water on the go. It’s a great source of quick protein, pre and post workout and just for a milkshake treat. Get a tub, it will change you.

These are some of my favorite sources pound for pound. Bacon and Sausage are obvious adds to the morning routine.

What’s your favorite way to get protein in your diet?

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