Day 12 Revival Diet and Workout

Meal Plan

Wake UP
Cinnamon Roll Shake

Ze German Scramble
2 Eggs beaten outside pan
Sausage (of your choice, 4oz)
one small red potato (sliced and fried seperately)
sharp cheddar cheese
Mix all ingredients together

Mid Morning Snack
Yogurt and Dusting of Flax Meal

Cesar Salad w/ grilled chicken

Mid Afternoon Snack
Jessi green shake
2 handfulls of Kale
1 cup of mixed berries – frozen blueberries, strawberries + raspberries
1 cup of green tea
coconut oil

Home made chili w/ Cheddar Cheese

10 Roll up to toes and touch
15 crunches
10 leg lifts
10 stationary lunges
(Split your legs into a lunge position, touch the ground with your knee and return to starting position, your feet do not move)

1 min rest in between
Repeat 3X


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