Why Calorie Counting is Failing You

Of all the silly things people do that are starting to live a healthy lifestyle, I think this is one of the silliest.

The theory here, is based on a law of thermodynamics. Loosely stated, that the amount of energy you burn, must exceed the energy taken in to create an atmosphere within your body conducive to weight loss. This is silly, and the human body is far more complicated than this. There are far too many variables for this to be the absolute truth on dieting. Its like stating “fat people are fat because they are fat”.

Let’s get anecdotal just to press the point. Why is it, that when you were a teenager, and in your early twenties, that you could eat (and drink) everything in sight and still keep off excess weight, and in some cases just look plain fantastic? Rules that change in the middle of the game are not rules at all.

Your body is a complex system of hormonal responses that trigger either energy storage (in the form of fat) or energy use. The main hormone that controls this process is insulin. This hormone helps regulate the use of glycogen or “sugar” in your body. Where it goes and how it’s used. The modern American diet wears down your body’s response to sugar by the overabundance of it that is poured into your system. This causes insulin resistance and in some (1 in 3 people in the US born after the year 2000) Diabetes 2. Which at this point already is an epidemic. Yes, that means little kids with early onset diabetes from being obese, with the same risks of amputation, blindness, heart disease, etc. This calories in, calories out garbage has to stop.

What causes insulin to spike and tell your body to store fat? SUGAR. In all of its forms. Eating a piece of your “whole grain” bread is only a few points away from table sugar on the glycemic index (the table that tells us how much your body is about to have a panic attack release of insulin and store fat in all the places you enjoy).

This is one of the main reasons, if not the central reason, behind my eating philosophy. Low carb, high fat. Don’t worry, you wont have a heart attack from all the cholesterol, but that’s a whole nother article…Hint…Refined carbs and the like cause inflammation and rob your body of essential nutrients.

Your body was not made to process high amounts of GMO grain

that isn’t even close to the plant it was 30 years ago. I’ll go ahead and say it…These grains, corn and wheat, together, are destroying the American diet due to their abundance in our daily lives. Guess what crops the government subsidizes so they can be sold to huge conglomerates at below cost of production? This isn’t some out there conspiracy theory the facts are just there.

To wrap this all up. Stop counting how many calories you eat, and start eating less carbohydrate. Calorie counting, or, starvation,

will fail you.

Not all calories are created equal.

Try this food pyramid instead…

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