11 Secrets to Success in the Revival Diet

Below are some secrets to add an edge to your Revival Diet.

Check out the full Day 4 meal plan and workout at my wife Jessi’s page…Modern Wonderland

1. 3/4 Gallon of water a day AT LEAST
-water helps metabolize fat (eliminate), moisturizes skin, aids digestion, and muscles are 80% water

2. Absolutely no Carbohydrates past 630pm
-This raises insulin levels and will tell your body to store fat as opposed to burn it while you sleep

3. Fat in food does not equal fat on…other places

-Fat is a fuel source, not a storage device, if used correctly is actually lowers inflammation of all blood vessels, joints, and teaches your body to use excess fat as a fuel source. Increasing tone, decreasing fat.

4. Plan ahead
The first few days are tough, so plan your meals, so you don’t
slip into carb bingeing.

5. Time meals appropriately. Do not go more than 4 hours without food. A starving body is one that stores the next meal.

6. Cook with coconut oil or butter, add olive oil to food only if it is raw. Olive oil loses many of its health benefits when heated.

7. All meals are interchangeable, as much seasoning as you like. Get creative, as many veggies as desired.

8. Make Saturday or monday prep day.

9. The best way to do this is to start with a 2 day fast to regulate insulin (fat and energy controller) This is optional as a cleanse.

10. Rotate meals and days as desired, have red meat at least once a week

11. Coffee is allowed, full cream, fake sugar is fine but try to time it before your workouts

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