Why You Should Eat MORE! (special Thanksgiving post)

Yeah that’s right, stuff your face pal…and reap the benefits. I try to be a realistic trainer. As your personal fitness consigliere, I implore you, this Thanksgiving, (or for some of you, a fantastical mixture of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving) eat…and eat a lot.

Why you may ask? Well I’ll tell you! WHOS READY FOR A GUILT FREE TOMORROW! THIS GUY!!!

Cheat Days, when you eat a lot, up regulate your metabolism. Your body is metabolizing food, so, the more you eat, the more it up regulates. So if you generally eat clean, a cheat day can bring some sanity, and will raise your metabolic rate.

Side note, Lincoln started Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Look how rail thin that guy was!

A lot of you are thinking, “but Parker, what about my washboard abs and girlish waistline?” Well, lets get real, most people won’t be shooting to have washboard abs consistently, it’s harder than it looks. For staying in good shape, a controlled cheat day won’t hurt. In some cases it’s exactly what your body needs to throw it off balance and help you reach your goals.

I highly recommend, the next day, or same day, working the big muscle
groups, legs to be exact. Plus, if you do it on the morning of Thanksgiving, you will be in a calorie deficit, so if you are in some sort of eating competition with your still single uncle who hasn’t moved on from college, GET THOSE SQUATS THURSDAY MORNING SON! You’ll be able to finish plate number three while Uncle Delta Delta is again being disappointed by the Detroit Lions, too full to move.

In all reality, under no circumstances, should guilt be attached to food. The funny thing is, the less guilt is attached, the less likely you are to make poor choices. So enjoy yourself tomorrow, but try not to let Thanksgiving bleed into a month of poor eating.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving meal?

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