Beach Ready in 4 Weeks

Beach Ready in 4 Weeks

So it’s starting to warm up out there….and let’s be honest, most of us weren’t ready. The winter made us hide in our apartments and houses, pale and terrified of natural light. But now the spring snuck up on us, slowly peeling back the layers of clothing. That’s when you realize…I’m going to have to put that bikini on, or this shirt is coming off in a few weeks.

Well I feel for you….kind of. But progress can be made in these last few weeks before the weather really warrants a visit to the beach or a pool party.

Here great is a great solution for you procrastinators..

1. Start a Cleanse

You need to get 5 months of crap and sugar addiction removed from your body. Juice cleanses are a little silly here, as you are slowing down your metabolism and pumping your body full of sugar. It’s basically a liquid candy cleanse that’s way overpriced. Let’s do this the old fashioned way, drink water with fresh squeezed lemon for 2-3 days and tell me you don’t feel clean. Seriously, stop buying million dollar juice cleanses. It weakens you, your body will remove muscle tissue, and you are still addicted to sugar at the end of it all. My recipe—Water/Lemon/Cayann pepper sometimes (sometimes called the master cleanse, normally lasts 7-10 days, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

2. Soup of the Day

Come back to the eating world with home made brothy soup for a day. Add chicken here, beef may be a little hard off the bat. But make sure you have a lot of fiber in there to flatten that stomach (veggies, not rice and grains of any kind, you’ll retain more water..). Crock pot is your best friend here, actually, it can be your best friend for as long as you want.

3. Kill Carbs

Do what we call a “KETO RUN” in ‘the industry’…’of fitness’. I physically lifted my hands up and made quotations with my fingers for each of those. Just for you. A keto run is an elimination of carbohydrate in the diet. Carbs spike your insulin, and open fat cells (basically) to store more fat. So really, fat’s not your problem, its that ‘healthy’ (hands again) 12,000 grain nutrifibernut bread. Its basically sugar.

Little tips…

1. Drink lots of water (duh)
2. Don’t deviate, if you can stick with this you are halfway to eating ‘Paleo’ which will come up in later posts
3. Tell your friends how fantastic this blog is


My lady and I are always looking for good recipes, what’s your favorite low carb meal?

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